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Competent planning taking into account GOSTs. Ecological materials. Individual style. Comfortable and energy efficient houses. The accuracy of the drawings is up to 1 mm.


Correct allocation of functional zones. Stylish design for your taste. Selection of decoration materials and designer furnishings, up to the dishes.


Development of a set of technical documentation containing the feasibility study of the projects (drawings, explanatory notes, business plan and other necessary documents).



COMPANY KREATIV – is a group of brave people with common world views in design and construction

To order the development and implementation of the project from the Company KREATIV, please call +38 (067) 576 2162
Cooperation consists of several stages:

Stages of project creation

We appreciate every client, so the head of the Company, PhD, the associate professor of Lviv Polytechnic University, the certified architect from Lviv, Sergey Ivanov-Kostetsky will communicate with you personally. Cooperation consists of the following stages:

Acquaintance. For the successful development of the project, it is necessary that we can see the idea with your eyes. Cognitive conversation will help to consider all your needs and expediency of solutions when creating a functional.

Evaluation of examples. Our corporate style is designing using natural materials, modern technologies and rational solutions. We will demonstrate the catalog of the most successful works in order to highlight planning for you, modern methods, author’s solutions. How fair you will tell us your opinion (the dream), the better the result.

Preliminary design. Our team members (architects, designers, engineers) will create a detailed Project for the realization of your idea (construction of an enterprise, a residential complex, a cottage, a school, a garden, a church, a restaurant or an apartment). You will be able to assess all the moments, from the general planning concept to the details, which form the mood of the object, even before the beginning of detailed development. We will need – we will make any necessary corrections.

Working drawings. Based on the approved sketch, our designers carry out the development of the facility, including creating working drawings, plans, specifications for equipment, finishing and equipment for subcontractors.

Implementation. The embodiment of our designs is handled by a proven construction company under the supervision of the Project Author. We are confident that this subcontractor will perform all works with the appropriate level of quality and a long-term guarantee.

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Solving problems
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design decisions

to the standards

What gives us confidence?

An experience. Our head Sergey Ivanov-Kostetsky has been working in the field of architectural design since 2004. He received a specialized education in Lviv Polytechnic University, in 2011 he defended his thesis under the direction of Viktor Proskuryakov and received a scientific degree of PhD. Since 2007, he has been working as a lecturer at the Lviv Polytechnic University (since 2015 associate professor). He worked as a chief architect in the team of Alexander Saveliev for many years. He created and implemented more than 150 projects. Our head of creative department Galina Ivanova-Kostetska has been working in the field of architecture and design since 2006. She received a profile education in Lviv Polytechnic University. She worked as a cryreter-architect and designer in the team of Alexander Savelyev for many years. Has created more than 120 projects.

Teamwork. Our creative team consists of talented architects, designers and engineers. Checking each other, we find unique solutions, and do not make mistakes in the calculations.

The world scale. We create projects for buildings and structures, houses and apartments not only in Lviv, but throughout Ukraine; in the facilities from our Company, clients from Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Italy, and other countries around the world work and live. We will find a common language with a representative of any nationality.

Confession. Articles about our facilities appear in “The Wall Street Journal”, “Design Home”, “Today’s Living”, “Big Issue”, “A + C” and other magazines around the world. Many projects were awarded.

Good organization. All works are implemented on time. We find a subcontractor to implement a project of any complexity.

Evaluate our style, possibilities and imagination – see examples of completed projects. When ordering a project, your object will not become a copy of one of them, but it will be the same status, spectacular and convenient.

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